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Opening any door in Web3

NxGen opens any door via customised advisory and curated introductions across your go-to-market lifecycle, including back channeling with the right investors and service providers (MMs, DEXs, CEXs, KOLs, Auditors, Launchpads, etc) for you!

We put our money where our mouth is by investing via our multi family office, into every founder we work with. We love to work with you from the earliest stages.

Our team has been connecting people in Web3 for almost a decade


Founder, Wizard Mentor
Founder, Master Connector


Advisor, Phd. Due Diligence & Science Machine
Advisor, Marketing Guru
Advisor, UX & Product Pundit

Some doors we have opened

"Joeri and Simon have been incredible supporters and advisors of Faraway since our Series A in 2021. They are always extremely responsive and proactive in their support, jumping on calls or making introductions whenever needed.

They follow our journey closely and are always providing advice as both investors and consumers of our products - and of course amplifying every product launch through their network! It’s extremely valuable to have an investor who also cares deeply about the products you are making. We’ve been lucky to have both Simon and Joeri on this journey with us.”
Alex Paley
Co-Founder, Faraway Games
Backed by
"As a portfolio company of NxGen for more than two years, we can confidently say that the experience has been outstanding—the best a start-up could hope for from a VC.

Our advisors, Joeri and Simon, have facilitated numerous strong introductions and have opened a number of doors for us, connecting us with partners that have helped our project scale. We have had an exceptional experience with NxGen as an organization and with both Simon and Joeri personally."
Dmitry Tolok
Co-Founder, Primex Finance
Backed by
"NxGen has been very supportive in discussing and helping design our marketing campaigns while also connecting us with incredible projects to bootstrap the Kakarot Ecosystem."
Danilo Kim
Co-Founder, Kakarot
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We have opened doors in


Metaverse, Gaming & NFT


AI, Infrastructure & Tooling

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